Adizes Workshops

Breakthrough to Prime™ Workshop

A 2 Day Exploration of the Power of Adizes

BTP is a 2 day workshop that is a great way to learn more about the basic concepts and methods of Adizes. The workshop is highly experiential so enrollment is limited to 20. In the workshop, participants learn how to:

    • Lead their organization through every stage of the Corporate Lifecycle.
  • Build “perfect” top management teams.
  • Master organizational change
  • Harness conflict constructively
  • Manage the secret to success

Attendees leave the workshop energized by their new knowledge and ready to apply it to accelerate their own organization’s journey to PRIME; the optimal stage of the Corporate Lifecycle.

Public BTP workshops attended by executives from multiple companies are held regularly in Santa Barbara, California and at other locations around the United States. We also provide private in-company BTP workshops that are tailored to meet the unique requirements of participants within a single organization.

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The CEO Summit

This exclusive event is delivered by Dr. Adizes and senior Adizes Associates. Forums are held once a a year in Santa Barbara and other locations around the world. Attendance is by invitation-only. Visit the CEO Summit Microsite.

Company Retreats

Adizes Organizational Therapists™ excel at helping leaders design and deliver highly collaborative 1 to 2 day retreats that are custom designed to address any priority client issues, opportunities or other requirement. By working on the issue collaboratively, we are consistently able to assist leadership teams to align to a common set of agreed goals, thereby transferring ownership of issues to the group for who now share a common interest in execution.


A Syndag, which is a Synergetic Diagnostic workshop, is a 3 day program that is a powerful management tool for kicking off a sustained effort to dramatically improve growth, profitability and other areas of company performance.  In a world of virtual teams, cryptic email, text messaging, and death by PowerPoint, Syndag works because it requires key people to come together and work on the business face-to-face. The highly collaborative nature of a Syndag produces many valuable outcomes. Four are particularly important:

    • 100% agreement on the issues the company needs to tackle to drive performance and 100% agreement on the game plan for doing so.
  • The need for change is legitimized and accountability for action moves from the shoulders of just 1 or 2 individuals onto the shoulders of all participants.
  • An energized atmosphere of understanding, mutual cooperation, teamwork, and urgency emerges.
  • Participants develop an enhanced awareness of their interdependency and learn how to work better together to harness their differences tackle complex issues constructively.

Syndags® are only provided as private in-company workshops for up to 24 participants who represent all key functional areas and management levels of the business.

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"Thanks for exposing us to the ‘Founders Trap.’ Your methods and facilitators have been enlightening."

- David Evans, Founder, Equinox Tree & Vine, November 2013

"Besides being interesting and intellectually stimulating, the content was practical and of immediate benefit."

- Fred D. Fuller, President, Productos Pennwalt

"The best presentation on top management that I ever attended."

- Lukas Bonnier, Chairman, Bonnier Publishing Company, Sweden