Dr. Ichak Adizes, Ph. D. Dr. Ichak Adizes invited to talk to Greece Policy Makers

During the weekend of June 2nd 2013 Dr Adizes was invited to meet with a group of Politicians, Businessmen and Media people from Greece to diagnose the problems of the country and to express his opinion of what needs to be done. For his illumination, and to bring some additional light for those interested. Read More.
news2Dr. Adizes speaks at the Russian Economic Forum in Sochi, introduced by Prime Minister Medvedev

Dr. Adizes addressed the Russian Federation at the 2013 Russian Economic Forum in Sochi; site of the Winter Olympics. Having been introduced by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, Dr. Adizes offered an honest evaluation of the Russian management system and the greatest challenges to Russian economic success. Watch Video

news3New Engagements

Highly successful $350M company in the Go-Go phase of its lifecycle is working with Adizes to institutionalize leadership and transition to Adolescence. Read more