Client Engagements

How We Help Our Clients

At Adizes, we use a highly collaborative, common-sense approach that deeply engages a critical mass of key leaders from all levels and all areas of the organization. This generally includes the CEO, President, COO, all direct reports, and key managers from sales, marketing, product development, R & D, operations, IT, customer service, accounting, and other critical areas. We also engage key leaders at lower levels who may not have supervisory responsibilities such as top sales, customer service, production and accounting personnel. Often these individuals bring a valuable perspective senior leaders do not have.

Unlike traditional management consultants who provide answers, Adizes provides powerful concepts, methods and tools so that CEOs and their management teams can figure out the right answers for themselves. By working in this manner, Adizes helps our clients build strong ownership, accountability, and commitment to the solutions developed, and avoid the destructive conflicts that cause many consultant-driven change efforts to fail. Collaboration also allow Adizes to leverage the deep industry domain expertise and creativity that is already resident inside our clients.

We help our clients accelerate success and in the process build healthy, high-performing, self-managing organizations that have the capability to address any challenge. Our methods apply to any private or public organization in any industry. Many of our clients are on the growing side of the organization lifecycle. Others are aging organizations that want to rejuvenate themselves. We are selective about our clients and only work with organizations that are serious about making real change.