Adizes enables ordinary people to transform the management of their organizations and produce extraordinary, sustainable results. Our work with all clients is guided by a strong belief in these values:

Mutual Trust & Respect

A strong and pervasive culture of mutual trust and respect is what makes a business strong and allows it to become a dominant competitor over the long term. This is a culture which underlies the ability to consistently attract and retain customers, attract and develop exceptional talent, thereby generating superior, sustainable financial returns. The reason is simple; when employees have mutual trust and respect for each other they harness their conflicts, minimal energy is wasted on infighting and internal politics, allowing them to devote maximum energy to competing in the marketplace. The climate is open and mistakes are not hidden because fear and blame do not exist. This culture becomes the organization’s greatest asset. It provides the competitive advantage that is the most difficult for competitors to copy.

Collaborative Change

In every organization, in every market, in every country of the world, coping with a high rate of change in a complex and uncertain world is leadership’s #1 agenda. The ability to adapt faster, more efficiently and more economically than competitors is the leading predictor of any organization’s long term success. Developing this capability to change is something best done collaboratively within an organization.

Constructive Conflict

Meaningful change necessarily creates conflict. Harnessing this conflict constructively creates the nuclear energy that drives superior performance.

Changing an Organization allows the people to adapt

Trying to change people is hard. Instead, we focus on changing the organization and its processes, not the people. People then adapt to the new environment; unleashing their talents and productivity

Complementary Teams

None of us is as smart as all of us. Close-knit complementary teams who work well together do a superior job addressing any challenge, and are therefore the ultimate competitive weapon.


The purpose of teamwork is to help leaders make better decisions than they would on their own. Management-by-committee or consensus decision making is not how decisions are made in high-performing organizations.

Your People Know

95% of the knowledge needed to address any challenge is already known within the organization. The problem is that the solution potentially lies in the hands of several people. We assist in developing a culture where people are not afraid to stand up and take ownership.


Transformation may not be easy, but it must be simplified by a workable process because if people can’t understand it they can’t execute it, and if they can’t execute, why bother?

Shared Rewards

Superior performance is sustained over the long term by tying the achievement of desired results to shared monetary and non-monetary rewards. We assist the leadership Team to align the reward system with the accountability and authority to resolve the issues as they arise.

Focus on Execution

Our entire focus is on the execution of well made decisions.  The vast majority of Transformation Programs fail because of a lack of execution.  Execution is the natural outcome of engaging the right people in the decision making process.

Adizes provides leaders with the tools, resources and support to accelerate strategic change and deliver exceptional, sustainable results.

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