Rank: Certified Associate
Home Office: Santa Barbara, USA
Languages: English
Phases Certified: I,II,III
Year First Certified: 2001
Contact: adizesinfo@adizes.com

Darrell Gooden, Ph.D. began his work with the Adizes Institute in 2001 when he established an in-house certification program for the U.S. Navy. After initiating a successful organizational restructuring facilitated by the Adizes Institute, he implemented the Adizes methodology at the Naval command where he worked as an in-house consultant for organizational change management and strategy. He now serves as a management consultant and coach with the Adizes Institute and is credited with providing expertise in engaging organizations and promoting productivity.

Darrell serves as a trusted advisor to executives, entrepreneurs and senior managers. He is skilled in synthesizing advanced management practices that help to reconceptualize workflows and empower stakeholders. As a Certified Adizes Associate, he delivers consulting services for Adizes clients primarily in the U.S.A. Characterized as a rare visionary, strategist, and provocateur of transformation, Darrell is a proven workshop leader, experienced team builder and coach. Darrell tackles complex technical and managerial issues and skilfully delivers results for clients. He is on the faculty of the Adizes Graduate School instructing the Spiral Dynamics Integral (SDI) Cultural Change Management course.

As a certified practitioner of the Adizes Methodology, Darrell has presented at The World Future Society, Beijing’s Conference on Human Capital Strategy and the MIT Lean Enterprise Conference. Darrell lectures on topics including collaborative innovation, technology incubation and Lean Six Sigma at conferences and seminars across the U.S.A. and worldwide in China, Serbia, Brazil, Canada, Portugal, and Denmark.

Darrell has over twenty years’ experience leading process analysis, continuous performance improvement, and benefits realization (metrics & analytics) programs. He has a proven ability to lead diverse teams, which enables him to engage all levels of an organization. In addition to applying The Adizes methodology his abilities include knowledge and skills in I Lean Six Sigma deployment, Cultural Transformation, Strategic Planning, Policy & Execution Knowledge, Engineering, Activity Based Cost Management, and End-to-End Process Architecture.

Darrell holds a Ph.D. from the Adizes Graduate School, in the Transformational Studies program; a Master of Science degree in Technology Management from Pepperdine University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Management of Information Systems from the University of Redlands, CA. He is a recipient of Federal Computer Week magazine’s Federal 100 award, honouring the 100 most influential Information Technology (IT) executives in the federal government industry. As the leader of the Object-Oriented Knowledge-based Systems Team, he accepted the National Engineers Week, Project of the Year award and was a co-recipient of the California Award for Performance Excellence (CAPE), and the National Shingo Lean Silver Medallion for Lean Operational Excellence (a team award given to his command while he served as the Transformation Manager.


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