Rank: Certified Associate
Home Office: Tel Aviv, Israel
Languages: English, Hebrew, Turkish
Phases Certified: I,II,III,IV,VII
Year First Certified: 2011
Contact: adizesinfo@adizes.com

Dr. Nir Ben Lavi is the Managing Director of Adizes Mediterranean, a researcher and a Predictive Profiler. Nir started his career as an Analyst and a Predictive Profile for the government sector in Israel, where he was first acquainted with the advanced principles of the Adizes Methodology. This experience provided Nir with invaluable knowledge of the problems and opportunities of managing a business at various stages of the Corporate Lifecycle.

Being appointed to his first managerial position at the age of 25, Nir combined his successful service at C level positions in major Israel-based corporations with career in Research and Development. Under his leadership, Inovent Applications has become the sole solution provider in the fields of Predictive Profiling and Innovation, approved by the Israel Ministries of Defence, Internal Security and Tourism.

Appointed as Head of Research at the Israel National Institute for Leadership Research and recognized nationally a sa profiling expert, Nir is one of the most sought-after experts in Israel, having presented customized keynotes and seminars to audiences of thousands of professionals. To date, Nir also serves as the Head of the Israel National Decision-Making Program as well as the Editor-in-Chief of the Me Decision Journal, a multidisciplinary journal devoted to the improvement of decision making in the Israeli Health Sector. Nir received his B. A. in Sociology, with honours, and his M. B. A. from the University of Tel Aviv.

His Ph. D. research study in the field of computerized Dispute Resolution led to the development of unique worldwide dispute resolution software that was adopted by the United Nations as a managerial work tool. Nir also holds diplomas in Group Therapy, Mediation and Information System Analysis.

In his (little) free time he likes to relax with his family, jog, swim and exercise at the gym, read books and watch Science Fiction movies. Nir currently resides in Tel Aviv, Israel with his wife and five kids, dog and a cat.

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