Rank: Certified Associate
Home Office: Guadalajara, Mexico
Languages: Spanish, English
Phases Certified: II
Year First Certified: 2016
Contact: adizesinfo@adizes.com

Jaime Batiz is a certified Adizes Associate working out of the Adizes Guadalajara Office. Before joining Adizes, Jaime was a sports journalist for ESPN, the biggest sports network in the world. In this role Jaime covered some of the most important sporting events, providing content and analysis for Latin America, USA and Canada.

After working for ESPN, Jaime served as Operations Director for a company that produces security seals. His major achievements were improving the efficiency of production and substantially growing sales. He was also responsible for coordinating the restructuring of the company to better clarify roles and responsibilities to facilitate the rapid growth of the organization.

Jaime first became interested in Adizes while developing a case study for the Instituto Pan-American de Alta Direccion de Empresas (IPADE). The case; collaboration vs. competence. It was delivered to many MBA students, executives and CEOs of many major organizations around Mexico.

Jaime regularly presents Adizes concepts to top executives and CEOs of both profit and not-for-profit organizations, helping them to facilitate their organizational transformation programs. He enjoys adding value to any meeting or event by sharing his experiences and knowledge in how to better manage organizations.

Jaime is recognized for having extraordinary capability working with teams. His sense of humor coupled with his reliability and focus on the task at hand make him an asset to any organization. Jaime resides in Mexico City and delivers services in both Spanish and English.

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