I’m extremely grateful for the Adizes Breakthrough to Prime (BTP) workshop. Clark and Pavel did a masterful job facilitating it. I also appreciate all the support of the team at Adizes, and most especially the work of Dr. Adizes. I’ve experienced the amazing benefits of this model and methodology in my own company, and BTP has taken it to a whole new level. I look forward to participating in another Adizes event in the near future.

Susan Mundy BeckChief Operating Officer, Cohen-Esrey, LLC, USA

At the Adizes Breakthrough to Prime Workshop, I learned the importance of creating a culture built around sharing responsibility with your peers and subordinates. During the workshop you learn about your own management style and learn to respect those that have a different style of working. I was happy that our CEO accepted my invitation to attend. We both learned a lot about each other even though we have known each other already for 10 years. I have attended many workshops over the years and the Adizes Breakthrough to Prime workshop was by far the best.

Mike RansPresident, Kinkelder USA