For me, in terms of management teams and decision making, there is a before and after the Adizes Integrators Training. Both theory and tools presented have enabled me to identify sources of conflict and find agreed solutions to problems; something I used to consider “impossible”.

Daniel VegaMarhnos, Mexico

The Adizes Integrators Training has been a key part in my professional development. The tools and capabilities that it offers are very useful to coordinate teamwork on a day to day basis inside the organization I work for.

Javier HuescaCoflex, Mexico

It has been a very insightful and incredible learning experience. I came in with no expectations, and how I am filled with exciting possibilities of how to better integrate Synerteams and this process in DC.

Sonia DovedyWashington DC

The training has been very helpful in not just understanding the role of an Integrator, but in understanding the Adizes Methodology as a whole.

Teddy ClaypoolWashington DC

The program provided me with a new appreciation for the Adizes Process/Methodology. The techniques taught have limitless appreciation. I truly look forward to practicing the methodology and improving my skills.

Kerrie BoyleWashington DC