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Organizational problems don't have to be a surprise.
Learn why companies grow, age and die and how to predict future problems so you're always on the right path.

At the foundation of effective management for any organization is the fundamental truth that all organizations, like all living organisms, have a lifecycle and undergo very predictable and repetitive patterns of behavior as they grow and develop.

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If you knew the path to success, would you take it?

By understanding the problems that will arise, as it's a natural progression in your organization's development, you will know what to wave to ride, and what to catch.

Problems are predictable, when you understand your stage of the Organizational Lifecycle. It's how well you manage these problems will determine your success or failure.

In this 9 week live online course, you'll learn not only how organization's grow, but how to bring aging organizations back to their prime.

Here’s an overview from the course (for only $1,200USD!):

Learn to identify normal, abnormal and fatal problems in each, so you can address them in your Organization and accelerate your way to Prime

Compare the differences between growing and aging organizations so you can identify them in your own company

Understand the difference between unsustainable growth and sustainable healthy development

Learn how functional Roles and Styles (PAEI), authority, power and influence (Capi), and Organizational Structure evolve

Learn how to identify your Organization’s stage on the growing stages of the Lifecycle based on these signs

Understand what makes organizations age so you can help rejuvenate them

Plus so many real life examples and discussions on how you can achieve success! 

What would happen if?

You could know the road ahead?

Organizations follow similar paths, in the same way that living organisms do. How do you think a teenager would react if you managed them in the same way as you manage a toddler? More often than not, they'll retaliate. This course will help you understand if you need to manage your organization like a toddler or a teenager.

Everyone was on the same page?

In many organizations, responding to problems rests on the shoulders of the Owner/Founder/C-Suite management. What if there was a whole organizational understanding of what and how to overcome problems that occur?

This online program has already helped

Over 1,500 participants


56 Countries


15 Universities

Don’t just take it from us;
See what some of my customers have to say!

He is a fantastic speaker and helped to bring his material to life with his passion and conviction. Great slides too. It helped me to better integrate into my own experience, systems and methodologies. I especially appreciate how he has reinforced the value of many of my practices and illuminated better the WHY behind when it works and doesn't work.  His lecture style really helps to build up the concepts and all the elements that are key. - Leanne Abraham, Premierehire, Executive Search & Leadership Strategies, USA

Adizes methodology is very robust and gives a view of organizations from many angles. Every new explanation gives light to situations that I have seen before, and helps make sense and see the big picture, therefore enabling to think of new and focused ways to solve it.  -Lola Rokni, LolaRokni consulting, Israel

I have the role of Director in a Start-up organization with a lot of  'E' and 'P' that needs to increment  'A' without loosing sight of  'I'. Just to talk this way (with others) is one of the great outcomes.  - Fernando Etchevarren, Director, Paraguay

Your Investment
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Weekly sessions for 9 Weeks

  • You'll learn directly from the Master of Organizational Transformation and Organizational Therapy
  • Connect with the network of participants to learn from each other
  • Ask questions from other like-minded Business people and Adizes Certified Associates 
  • The course is in English, and will be synchronously translated to Russian and Spanish
  • There are 3 pre-recorded homework sessions that we suggest you complete prior to starting the course. 
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2 Hours Per Week

  • Every Thursday Morning at 7am Pacific Time
  • Two hour weekly sessions with Dr. Ichak Adizes Online
  • Top questions answered directly by the Management Guru himself
  • Access recordings after the session
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  • Join the whole course for only $1,200USD
  • Free E-book copies of bestselling titles Managing Corporate Lifecycles in English, Spanish or Russian
  • Discounted specials of Adizes Books and other digital training programs
Presented by world renowned Organizational Transformation Specialist
Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes

Recognized as the Master of Organizational Transformation

Shared the stage with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Randi Zuckerberg and Michael Porter

International Bestselling Author with 26 titles in 36 languages

Named as one of the top thirty thought leaders in America by Leadership Excellence Journal

  • International Bestselling Author
  • Published 26 books in 36 languages
  • Consulting for nearly 50 Years in over 52 Countries
  • Worked with Start-ups to Fortune 500, Governments and Not-for-Profit organizations
  • Named one of the Top Thirty Thought Leaders in America in the Leadership Excellence magazine
  • Named one of the Top Communicators Among World Leaders in the world by the Holmes Report, alongside Pope Francis, Angela Merkel and the Dalai Lama
  • Received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Academy of Management
  • Received twenty-one honorary doctorates from universities in eleven countries
  • An Honorary chancellor of the University of Fredericton, Canada and a recipient of the 2010 Ellis Island Medal of Honor
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