Adizes Leading the Leaders Workshop

How to Create High Performance Management Teams

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November 17-18, 2016 in Santa Barbara, CA
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Do you know that the Ideal Leader does not exist?

It’s true.
A single leader, no matter how functional, will eventually become dysfunctional because, over time, as the organization grows, that single executive will falter. The qualities that made him or her successful in the past can be the reason for failing in the future. In reality, one person, even someone extraordinary, can perform only one or, at most, two of the roles required to manage/lead an organization.
Building a company requires a complementary team. It needs collaborative leadership, a team of leaders who differ in their styles yet complement one another.
But here is the problem: A complementary team, since it is, by definition, composed of different styles, generates conflict. So, although conflict is good, although it is necessary and indispensable, it can be destructive and dysfunctional.
What is needed to avoid this potential dysfunctional and destructive conflict is collaborative leadership based on Mutual Trust and Respect.
Does your organization operate with mutual trust and respect? If not, you may discover that the value we provide in showing you how to create a complementary team is precisely what you need right now. Why? Because creating a complimentary team and understanding the foundation for establishing a culture in which your team will thrive is simply essential in today’s extremely competitive marketplace.

When you attend an exclusive Leading the Leaders presentation, you’ll get answers to the following questions that are vital to the success of your organization:

            • Do we have the right culture to handle change in our organization?
          • What is the management style of our key people?
          • Do our people understand how to work with others who have a different management style than their own?
          • Do we know how to turn destructive conflict into constructive conflict?
          • In our corporate structure, do we have the right people in the right roles?
          • Do we know how to recognize and develop future leaders?
          • What should a leader look like in our organization?
          • Is it possible to change behavior?
          • How can you REALLY develop a balanced, complementary team?

You Should Attend If:

You, or one of your top management executives is responsible for leading teams of people. From top management down, the principles learned will make your management process more effective. To get the maximum value out of this exclusive event, you should attend with key members of your team or the future leaders that you plan to develop.
While some of the content is delivered through lecture, the majority of the learning happens in exercises and group discussion that allow you to apply the concepts to real world challenges you may be facing in your organization.
You’re invited to attend "Leading the Leaders"
November 17-18, 2016 in Santa Barbara, CA
For more info and to register, click here now.


The learning in Leading the Leaders is focused in 10 key areas:
            • As a leader, identify what you really need to understand about management.
          • Determine your own management style and get a clear understanding of the attributes and qualities associated with it.
          • Identify the management style of your co-workers and your boss and know why it is so important to managing well.
          • Comprehend what it means to build a complimentary team.
          • Learn the causes of conflict and how to manage it.
          • Get the tools to build the right culture in your area of responsibility.
          • Absorb the Adizes definition of a leader and what is unique about this approach.
          • Recognize what is essential when developing high performance management teams.
          • Establish a plan to retain your best people for the long term and build confidence in your up and coming leaders.
          • Recognize the role of character and values in the leadership development process.
Learning Objectives

Upon the completion of the Leading the Leaders course, you’ll have a clear picture of your team’s profile and where your own personal management style offers the best fit for organizational success. You’ll also walk away with a customized game plan for recognizing and developing key future leaders. The management process will come to life when you understand how creating a complementary team leads to the future success of your organization as a whole.

You’re invited to attend "Leading the Leaders"
April 20-21, 2017 in Santa Barbara, CA

There are 6 sections covered in this 2 day course. Each section has learning exercises and case studies.

Day 1 - Morning

Section 1: What leaders should know about leadership and management.

Section 2: What leaders should know about themselves.

Day 1 - Afternoon

Section 3: What leaders should know about working with others.

Day 2 - Morning

Section 4: What leaders should know about the causes of conflict and how to deal with it.

Day 2 - Afternoon

Section 5: What leaders should know about building a culture of Mutual Trust and Respect and how to develop high performance change teams. 

Section 6: What leaders should know about leadership development.

Discussion & Evaluations

Workshop Duration: 2 days
Dates: September 22-23, 2016 
Location: Santa Barbara, CA
Pricing: $1195 per person
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