Mastering Change for Effective Leadership

Embark on a journey of personal and organizational discovery. Put Adizes methods to work by leading how to manage change effectively.

In this interactive course participants will explore the timeless Adizes principles of thinking towards management to manage situations and internal DIS-Integration caused by continual change.

These profound, yet simple and common sense approaches have practical applications to management of oneself, and one’s organisation.

Many people have successfully used these same principles within their families too.


What the course entails:

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  • Nature of Change and its repercussions
  • Functional understanding of key management principles
  • The imperatives of good decisions
  • How to improve implementation success
  • Ways to understand and evaluate personal & other’s management styles
  • Teams working in silos
  • Poor implementation
  • Too many priorities
  • Change is outpacing the company
  • Culture of internal politics
  • Frequent interdepartmental conflicts
  • Problems in delegating
  • Opportunities that turn into road blocks
  • Conflict within key stakeholders

Who Should Attend

Anyone who would like to learn how to harness the power Change by using the tools that the Adizes Methodology provides.

Now more than ever, understanding how change works. and learning how to approach it is a vital capability.

If you are interested in learning how to manage change or your organization is facing:

  • How to work with different from oneself
  • How to create cross-functional teams that work
  • Ways to properly perceive reality and harness energy for change
  • Secret success of any organisation
  • How to build the culture of Mutual Trust and Respect
About the History Mission Values and Associates

Adizes enables ordinary people to transform the management of their organizations and produce extraordinary, sustainable results. We specialize in guiding organizations to learn and practice management methods to dramatically increase their chances of remaining healthy and enabling the best expression of themselves. This naturally results in both growthful financial performance and elegant human emergence.

Founded by Dr. Ichak Adizes in 1971, the Adizes Institute has been serving clients from Global 100 to start-ups in many diverse industries including non-profits and government organizations across countries and cultures.

We provide leaders with tools & resources to continuously strengthen their management in managing any organization that deeply engages the hearts and minds of employees at all levels, harnesses conflict constructively, and builds a strong and pervasive culture of mutual trust and mutual respect.