2019 Global Convention Schedule

Since 1976, the Adizes Institute has hosted a yearly Global Convention to receive updates from around the world, network, administer certification exams and develop the methodology to ensure relevance in an ever-changing world. From January 26 to February 1st2019, Adizes Australia will host associates, clients and marketing partners in Sydney to undertake the 43rdconvention for internal development and public workshops and seminars.

Internal development

26thJan – 29thJan 2019

The Internal development days of the convention allows the Institute to prepare for the following year, while also undergoing the Syndag Diagnosis Process. By following this process internal, the Institute ensures it’s responding to change.

The first day of the convention is Saturday 26 January for the Adizes Professional Directors, specific people assigned to each office to oversee quality, and this day is dedicated to the coordination of the quality control function within Adizes.  Thus, this day is not open to the public, but rather only to professional directors.

Sunday, January 27 and Monday, January 28 will also be internal days where we will focus on quality control and business development.  Thus, these days are also not open to the public.  Only Professional directors, Managing Directors and Marketing Partners are asked to attend.

Public Workshops and Seminars

30th January – 1st February

Tuesday the 29th of January is intended for the Adizes network at large.  While this day is also not open to the public, all Adizes Associates, marketing partners and admin are encouraged to attend. This is our big internal communication day to update everyone on where the Institute is going and how we intend to get there.  We will also be providing updates on phase delivery as well as administering certification exams.

Wednesday 30th January sees the convention open to the public. On this day, we tour Sydney and visit keys sites. The main focus of the day is on networking with associates, partners and clients to highlight the importance of connectedness. We will be getting to know each other in a non-structured, fun setting.

On Thursday the 31st of January, also open to the public, various associates will present case studies and we will receive presentations from some of the many organizations developing tools used to support the implementation of Adizes within client organizations.

On Friday the 1st of February, which is also open to the public, we will have various speakers present on what Adizes is all about.  We will also be giving the Associate of the Year award and the Company of the Year Award. The target market for this day is the general public, people who have never heard of Adizes before but are interested in learning more, but can not come for more than one day.

On Saturday the 2nd and 3rd of February we will take a trip to the Blue Mountains of Australia.

If you are intereseted in attending the convention please register…

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