Adizes’ New Look

From the beginning, the Adizes Institute was a founder-led, founder focused organization. Dr Adizes, armed with his unique international perspective and unconditional passion for management, single-handedly developed the methodology, taught all the courses and was responsible for the majority of the revenue.
Forty years later the Adizes Institute has evolved into a truly global organization with a track record of success that has emerged from Dr Adizes’ personal efforts. Today we have over 20 active offices, with clients successfully deploying the Adizes program in over 73 countries, many of them have never met or interacted with Dr Adizes directly. Additionally, many of the functions of Dr Adizes have now been institutionalized including the training in and development of the eleven phases that make up the Adizes Program for Organizational Transformation. Something that had long been the exclusive purview of Dr Adizes. We also have a professional council, that oversees certifications and the quality of delivery. We also have an Executive Committee, that oversees business and organizational development initiatives.
Dr Adizes continues to provide the overall vision and retains full control of the organization through his role as Founder & CEO. He continues to write, consult, lecture and participate in making significant strategic decisions, but he is free from day to day operations. He has been freed from “The Founders Trap.”
This transition from a founder focused organization to an institution that is no longer dependent on any single individual, a transition we call “From Entrepreneurship to Professional Management,”  is one of the most difficult transitions for any organization to make.
In light of this transition and keeping with the pace and scope of our rapidly growing organization we felt it was time to freshen up our brand. You may have noticed our new refreshed look. Adizes has worked closely with design professionals to create a more modern, dynamic, and clean aesthetic that builds on the key icons of our brand image. We are excited and proud of our new look and feel and are pleased to continue our journey transitioning through the Adolescence stage of the Corporate LifecycleTM, dealing with the next set of challenges inherent to that stage, in our pursuit of Prime.

2019 Adizes Convention Schedule

Since 1976, the Adizes Institute has hosted an annual International Convention. From January 26 to February 1st 2019, Adizes Australia will host the Adizes Network in Sydney for our 43rd  internationalconvention.

Internal development

26thJan – 29thJan 2019

The first four days of the convention will focus on internal issues.

Saturday 26th January is dedicated to the coordination of associate training and the quality control functions within Adizes.  Attendance is limited to the Professional Directors of each office.

Sunday 27thJanuary and Monday 28thJanuary are dedicated to network coordination, quality control and business development. Attendance is limited to Professional Directors, Managing Directors and Marketing partners.

Tuesday the 29th of January is our big internal communication day where we update everyone those working within the Adizes Institutes global offices on where the Institute is going and how we intend to get there.  We will also be providing updates on phase delivery as well as administering certification exams. While this day is also not open to the public, all Adizes Associates, marketing partners and administrators are encouraged to attend.

Public Workshops and Seminars

29th January – 1st February

The first public event of the Convention will be the Opening Dinner which will take place on 29thJanuary. This event and events scheduled for the rest of the convention are open to the public.

Wednesday, 30thJanuary is dedicated to touring Sydney. The main focus of this day is getting to know each other in a non-structured, fun setting, while also visiting the iconic sights of Sydney.

On Thursday the 31stJanuary and Friday 1stFebruary we will have a number of presentations from associates and clients on case studies. Additionally, some of our product development partners will present the various tools that have been developed to support the Adizes program. We will also hear from the Company of the Year and Associate of the Year award recipients. Additional presentations will be delivered by Shoham Adizes (President, Adizes Institute), Humberto Padilla (Managing Director, Monterrey Office, Mexico), Greg Mathers (Managing Director, Latvia), Don McKenzie (Managing Director, Australia), Paul Mitchell (Owner, The Human Enterprise, Adizes Marketing Partner) and Dr Ichak Adizes (Founder and CEO, Adizes Institute).

We welcome all guests to bring their spouses along. There will be a number of activities, organized during the convention, for spouses so that they can make the most of their time in Sydney.

On Saturday 2nd and Sunday the 3rd February we also invite you to join us on a trip to the Blue Mountains of Australia. The Blue Mountains is a rugged region west of Sydney in Australia’s New South Wales. Known for dramatic scenery, it encompasses steep cliffs, eucalyptus forests, waterfalls and villages dotted with guesthouses, galleries and gardens. The Blue Mountains were listed as a World Heritage Area by UNESCO on 29 November 2000.

If you are interested in attending the convention please visit the Adizes Global Convention webpage to find out price and more.

Advanced Trainings on Adizes Program for Organizational Transformation in September

At the Adizes Institute, we differentiate between training in the Adizes theory and training in the application of Adizes.  It is important to note that the Adizes theory has many applications.  It is being applied in family therapy, executive coaching, investment strategies among many others. One graduate level student even wrote a paper on how Adizes theory can be used to win at poker.  But the core application of the Adizes theory, the one that the Adizes Institute has been built around, is “Organizational Transformation.”

While training in the Adizes theory is offered continuously around the world, training in one or more of the eleven phases that make up the Adizes Program for Organizational Transformation are offered less often. As these trainings are the vehicles that allow us to grow as an organization and transfer the specific techniques, tools, protocols and practices, that are not available in the books, to a new generation of associates, we like to take note when they take place.

In the month of September, two “Leading Highly Effective Teams – Adizes Integrator Trainings” took place.  One in Thailand and one in Lithuania.  These trainings are the starting point for anyone looking to learn more about how the Adizes theory is applied to solving problems, in a collaborative way.

This training covers 6 questions.

1) How does problem solving, and integration fit in the bigger picture of organizational transformation?

2) When should we use a team to solve a problem and when an individual?

3) If we need a team, who should be on the team?

4) If we need a team to solve a problem there will necessarily be conflict.  How can we dissect the conflict and make sure it i becomes constructive rather than destructive?

5) How to lead a team through the decision-making process so that everyone arrives at the same destination/conclusion together?

6) How to identify different management styles in a meeting and what to do about it? 

The 23 individuals who attended these courses in both Lithuania and Thailand provided fantastic feedback. Many of them said that this training changed their personalities. They started to behave differently back in their families and already experienced positive outcomes in their professional lives. If you would like more information on how you can attend a Leading Highly Effective Teams – Adizes Integrator Trainings,” please contact

We also delivered a training in Serbia on the Adizes Profit Tracking and Accountability System, known as Phase VI and the Adizes Executive Dashboard (AEDTM).  This training is a very advanced phase in the Adizes program and all 11 attendees were Adizes associates with years of experience working with organizations on their change programs. Each participant was required to pass multiple prerequisite trainings before they were invited to attend this course.

Phase VI is the phase in the Adizes program that most significantly changes the spending climate in an organization. Before implementation, managers often view resources, such as money, as the organization’s money; after deployment, the system makes the organization more transparent and it becomes clear whose money (from which budget) is being spent. In this way managers become much more cost conscious and immediate financial results can be seen. This phase is one of the more complex phases in the Adizes program but is also the phase that has the greatest impact on the organizations bottom line. More information on Phase VI and AED can be found here.

Prepare for 2019, right.

With the final quarter of the year upon us, it is a good time to reflect on 2018.
Ask yourself:
How did you do?
Did your organization achieve its goals that were planned?
Do you have a plan ready for next year?
If the answer was no, or not really, what are you going to do to make 2019 the year that you knock it out of the park?

Here are some ideas to help start planning for 2019:

1)      The Lifecycle Test: Problems are not equal. They are either normal, abnormal or fatal based on where you are in the lifecycle. Organizations that know where they are in the lifecycle, can proactively create treatment plans to help them get to “Prime”. Take the test.

2)      MSI Test: High performing organizations create complimentary teams of people that use a combination of different styles to achieve the best outcome. Do you know your style and the style of team members? Do you know how to create a high performing team that covers of the four roles of management? Take the test.

See what’s happening in October

Break Through To Prime
Two Day Workshop
Monterrey, Mexico
October 3 – 4, 2018
CEOs and Business Owners Course
Tirol, Austria
October 8-13, 2018
Pursuit to Prime
Istanbul, Turkey
October 10-12, 2018
CEO Workshop
Motovan, Croatia
October 12 – 14, 2018
Organizational Lifecycles
Brisbane, Australia
October 17, 2018
Secret to Success
Mexico City, Mexico
October 18, 2018
Change Leaders Academy, Part 2 – How to implement changes successfully
Trakai, Lithuania
October 29 – 30, 2018

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