Transforming Organizations with Adizes


Our core work is helping our clients accelerate success by applying the principles and practices of Adizes, and in the process build healthy, high-performing, self-managing organizations that have the capability to address any challenge. Our transformation projects, conducted by Adizes Organizational Therapists™, generally proceed in four steps:

Step 1: Awareness. We begin by teaching the powerful concepts of Adizes. This allows us to get to know the client and vice versa, so that together we can assess need, chemistry and fit.

Step 2. Diagnosis. We begin with a diagnostic workshop called a Syndag®, which is an abbreviation for Synergetic Diagnostic Workshop. A Syndag is a fast paced, highly interactive 3 day workshop that deeply engages up to 30 leaders representing all levels and functional areas of the business. A Syndag is a powerful vehicle to kick off any transformation project.

Step 3. Planning. The outputs from the Syndag gives Adizes the data and insights we need to work with the change champions in the client to develop a comprehensive plan of attack to dramatically improve performance and strengthen the corporate culture in the process. Our goal is always to accelerate a client’s journey to PRIME, the only stage of the organizational lifecycle where they can be a dominant competitor and enjoy market leading customer demand, growth, profitability, and financial strength.

Steps 4. Transformation. In an energized atmosphere of mutual understanding, cooperation, teamwork, and urgency, Adizes works side by side with our clients to deliberating and systematically implement the plan of attack.

Our clients ask us to help them tackle a wide range of issues in our transformation projects that include:

    • Accelerate profitability, growth, and capture more market share.
    • Change corporate culture.
    • Accelerate the maturation of a fast-growing organization.
    • Revitalize an aging or under-performing organization.
    • Strengthen a management team.
    • Integrate acquisitions and mergers.
    • Harness conflicts between founders, owners, board members, partners, and family members.
    • Transition leadership and ownership to the next generation.


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