Transforming Organizations with Adizes

By way of discussion and interaction we get to know the client organization and assess chemistry and fit.

Using a Syndag® (Synergistic Diagnosis), which is a team-based self diagnostic workshop, to understand the key challenges the client faces, legitimize the need for change, shift accountability for action, and begin the transformation process.

Working closely with the client to analyze cause and effect, determine priorities, and develop a long term plan to guide the organization to PRIME, the only stage of the organizational lifecycle where an organization can be a dominant competitor; enjoying market leading growth, profitability, and customer retention, in those markets in which you choose to compete.

In an energized atmosphere of mutual understanding, cooperation, teamwork, and urgency, we engage the key leaders at all levels of the client organization in the transformation effort.

Our collaborative methods deeply engage key leaders from all levels. This generally includes the CEO, President, COO, all direct reports, and key managers from sales, marketing, product development, R & D, operations, IT, customer service, accounting, and other critical areas.  We also engage key leaders at lower levels who may not have supervisory responsibilities such as top sales, customer service, production and accounting personnel. Often these individuals bring a valuable perspective senior leaders do not have.

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