Adizes Across Europe

Adizes Across Europe is a conglomerate of our European representatives, created to bring content and services suitable to our region.

About Adizes Across Europe

Adizes Across Europe is a collaboration of regional Adizes Institute offices dedicated to supporting European businesses in their drive to improve and grow. We are passionate about helping our clients develop stronger and more collaborative management systems, the true source of competitive advantage. By leveraging the global reach of the Adizes Institute Worldwide we enhance our deep European experience and provide organizations with the tools needed to thrive in accelerated change and turbulence.

Adizes is the world’s leading change management methodology and builds high-performing cultures based on mutual trust and respect. This empowers our clients to outpace their competition and become global trendsetters.

Upcoming Events

Stay up to date on our events on our Facebook page.  We hosted online and face-to-face events, featuring a variety of different topics suitable for management and executives.

Dr. Zvezdan Horvat
Hrvoje Bogdan
Marcin Dembowski
Greg Mathers
Dr. Mirko Music
Dr. Virginijus Kundrotas
Vladimirs Kuzmins
Olga Gurskaya
Dr. Georgios Karadimas
Ayhan Dayoglu


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