"A problem unaddressed
is a crisis in waiting."
- Henry Kissinger
Respond to
change proactively,
not reactively.
Have an advantage
over your competitors.
Know the road ahead.

Adizes Across Europe

Adizes Across Europe is a conglomerate of our European representatives, created to bring content and services suitable to our region.

About Adizes Across Europe

Adizes Across Europe is a collaboration of regional Adizes Institute offices dedicated to supporting European businesses in their drive to improve and grow. We are passionate about helping our clients develop stronger and more collaborative management systems, the true source of competitive advantage. By leveraging the global reach of the Adizes Institute Worldwide we enhance our deep European experience and provide organizations with the tools needed to thrive in accelerated change and turbulence.

Adizes is the world’s leading change management methodology and builds high-performing cultures based on mutual trust and respect. This empowers our clients to outpace their competition and become global trendsetters.

Dr. Zvezdan Horvat
Hrvoje Bogdan
Marcin Dembowski
Greg Mathers
Dr. Mirko Music
Dr. Virginijus Kundrotas
Vladimirs Kuzmins
Olga Gurskaya
Dr. Georgios Karadimas
Mr. Ayhan Dayoglu

Organizational Transformation

Adizes Associates implement the methodology in phases, as part of a systematic approach designed to help a client accelerate their development from one Lifecycle phase to the next, on their path to Prime. The sequence, depth of delivery and duration of each phase are customized to meet the needs of each client.

The 11 Phases of Adizes Methodology

A team-based managerial self-audit of the key internal issues that must be resolved to dramatically improve overall performance and help the organization become the champion of its market(s).

A team-based managerial self-audit of the key internal issues that must be resolved to dramatically improve overall performance and help the organization become the champion of its market(s).

Installation and management of a new change management structure that complements the organization’s normal hierarchical structure. The change system provides a new mechanism for continuously identifying and addressing systemic multi-departmental problems and opportunities.

The organization’s focus on strategic change is developed by looking at both the external and internal environment and selecting critical strategic imperatives. This information is then molded into the organization’s game plan for achieving a common direction and common goals that are backed by the management team.

The organization’s structure is redesigned to better support the new mission, match the organization’s technology, and respond to the environment with a clearly defined goal of producing vitality, entrepreneurship and growth, while supporting clear accountability for performance.

Management information systems are reviewed to help ensure that information for decision making is aligned with the responsibilities of the new structure. The goal is to have information systems that clearly define individual accountability.

The Adizes technology is transferred to the client. We license, train and certify a critical mass of client personnel so that they can cost effectively cascade Adizes down into the organization at all levels.

We use teamwork to develop plans and “stretch” the organization in order to achieve its peak performance. This phase typically produces rapid impacts on profitability, because it causes staff to aim for higher levels of performance.

We work to evaluate the long-term direction and viability of each organizational unit. The emerging strategy supports current successes and identifies new directions for replacing discontinued activities.

To ensure that a solid mechanism for continuous adaptability to change is operating efficiently, we formalize the change management system initiated in Phase III and integrate it with structure designed in Phase V to create top-down and bottom-up flows of energy.

The new strategies, responsibilities, and teamwork require reassessment of the organization’s incentive and compensation systems. They must be consistent with and aligned to support achievement of the newly defined goals.


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